Saturday, December 31, 2011

24 Verses

I had two resolutions for 2011. One was to send out monthly email updates to family and friends. The other was to memorize scripture. Two verses per month, to be exact.

For the last two years, I've chosen a word that I hope will encapsulate the coming year. In 2010, I chose the word victory.  My son had just been born, and the meaning of his name is "victorious" which was by no means accidental. I wanted victory over many things in 2010, not the least of which was depression.  Praise God, He used my focus on seeking Him for victory to deliver me. In 2011, I wanted to focus on developing the fruit of gentleness in my life. I haven't arrived; I don't always act "gently." However, after a year of focusing on it, I am far more attuned to gentleness in others and myself and have a greater appreciation for it. I hope to continue in my endeavor to become more Christlike in gentleness. 

I haven't made a habit of memorizing scripture on a regular basis since high school.  That is an embarrassing fact.  Scripture memory is KEY in the battle of life, and I'm sure I've lost ground in my life due to not fighting with the weapon given to me. I decided that it was high time to do something about it.  I've mentioned several times that I read a blog ( written for women. Beth Moore, her daughters and employees are the contributors. Beth Moore did a scripture memory challenge called the "Siesta Scripture Memory Team."  The challenge was to memorize two verses per month.  I chose a verse on the 1st and 15th of the month and posted my chosen verses as comments on the blog posts those days. That was my accountability to actually do it.

I praise God for the Living Proof ministries and Beth Moore. Without the inspiration of the blog, I doubt I would have made scripture memory a priority in my life for 2011. I can say without reservation that scripture memory was instrumental in my life this year.  God used the verses I learned to "get me through" the rough patches. He used the verses I memorized to help me apply things I learned to my daily grind. He used the verses to lift me up, and to encourage others.  I am amazed as I look back over the year to see how God used the verses I learned to bring me closer to Him. Because I wanted to focus on gentleness for 2011, I memorized as many verses having to do with gentleness as I could.

I am still reflecting back over 2011, and not sure what my "resolutions" will be for 2012, but I do know that I plan to keep on with scripture memory for the coming year!