Wednesday, July 20, 2011

These days...

Recent conversations in my house go like this:

Me: Can I have a kiss?
C: No! *smiling*mischievously*
Me: Please?
C: No! *smiling*
Me: Momma needs kisses!
C: No!
Me: Please, Bubba?
C: No!
Me: *tickling*
C: *laughing*hysterically*
Me: Can I have a kiss?
C: *puckers*

In the end, I always win. J

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  1. :). I just hug Ian and then I'm stuck until he gives me a kiss. Now half the time when I hug him he says "You're stuck." So he kisses me. Love those little people kisses. Abby kisses me too but hers are more slobbery. :)


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