Monday, March 17, 2014

My steps won't slip (verse six)

For years now, I have made exercise a priority in my life. Most days of the week, I ensure that I'm participating in some kind of physical activity. It used to be about how I looked, but now it is far more important to me because of how exercise makes me feel. I'm more energetic and have a more positive outlook when I am getting regular exercise. I feel pretty strongly that it also helps me stay healthier.

During an ice storm this winter, I took a potentially injurious fall. No, let's be honest, here. I had a major wipeout. I ran outside to the garage to tell the Hubs that dinner was ready. I didn't realize the walkway was slick and before I knew it, my feet were in the air. I landed on my shoulder/elbow and upper back, and hit my head pretty hard as well. I lay there for a minute, as I wasn't immediately sure that I wasn't injured. Hearing the thump of my landing, the Hubs came out of the garage and found me flat on my back in the ice and snow. We ascertained that I had no breaks (reference?!) and he helped me up. I was sore for days and had a terrible headache the next day. And the bruise…! I couldn't help but think that I would have been much more likely to be injured if my body wasn't used to physical exertion - aka, if I wasn't "in pretty good shape."(Side note: I sort of wish there had been a camera set up so I could see the video of this epic wipeout. I'm fairly certain I could have won America's Funniest Home Videos.)

Metaphorically, we won't slip when we hide God's word in our hearts. I would go to great lengths to ensure that I never take a fall like that on the ice ever again. It may also take great lengths to be sure I don't fall spiritually, either. Memorizing scripture makes my spirit stronger, just as exercising on a regular basis makes my body stronger. It is my hope that through scripture memory, I am protecting myself from slippery steps.

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