Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do Not Give Up

Do not give up. Fight the good fight
For we know that despite heavy losses
The final battle will be won.
Do not give up.  Prove that the faith
You profess to possess truly
Is as strong as steel.
Do not give up. Live as a testament
To the fact that through Christ
All things can and shall be done
Do not give up. For the great reward
Shines brightly and you always said
It would be worth it in the end.
Do not give up.  Mirror the love
That covers the multitude of sins
That you committed of your own accord
Do not give up.  Extend the grace
You desperately need
to be extended to you
Do not give up.  For we know that all things
Work together for good and someday
We will all meet together in the clouds.
Do not give up.  He will give you strength
To be the example to me
That will help me not to give up.
Do not give up.

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