Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Son...

You might be the mom of a boy if...

... you gasp when he passes gas and he thinks that's funny so he pushes out another toot and laughs at your face, then tries to push out another one.

... you scream when he pulls your hair and he thinks that's funny so he pulls your hair again and laughs.

... he whimpers from the other room and you find him stuck under a chair/bed/table/any big piece of furniture.

... you smack his hand when he touches something he's been told not to touch and he looks at you and laughs, then tries to touch it again.  (And you smack his hand until it's red but it doesn't seem to faze him at all.)

... you give him a toy and he throws it just so he can watch you pick it up again.

... you sing him your made-up song and he snuggles into your shoulder and goes right to sleep.

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