Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Little Chocoholic

I have a little chocoholic at my house!

When I was sick recently, the hubsters bought me a bag of Dove chocolates and we’ve been savoring them slowly the last two weeks.  Last night after dinner I got a chocolate out for him and for me (with the understanding that we’d each let the Little Man have a bite).  My son was extremely interested in the unwrapping of our chocolates, grunting enthusiastically in preparation for what he knew was to come.  Hubs let him have the first bite and he chomped half that chocolate away in one bite!  He made some sounds of wholehearted enjoyment and started making the sign for “more!” immediately.

“You haven’t swallowed the first bite yet!” We laughed.  The chocolate mixed with drool dribbled onto his chin; he was certainly enjoying it!  After he’d had adequate time to enjoy that first bite, I allowed him to have a bite of my chocolate, which also ended up being half of the piece!  I popped the rest into my mouth and savored it as long as I could.

That little guy looked at both his Daddy and me and signed, “more!”  We laughed and said, “all gone!”  He crawled down out of my lap and ran to the cupboard where we keep the chocolate and banged on it with his hand, then signed, “more!”  I said, “No.  No more tonight.  Tomorrow we can have more.”  After a little persuasion, he came away from the cupboard and played with toys while we cleaned up the kitchen.

This morning, when he woke up I picked him up out of his crib just like I do every morning, snuggled him and told him I loved him.  Then I set him down to go about getting ready for work while he played.  That little guy ran into the kitchen and banged on that cupboard where we keep the chocolate, looking up at me as if to say:

“You said I could have more tomorrow!  It’s tomorrow now!”


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