Tuesday, March 15, 2011


her life was frustrating to say the least
she tried to fit in with all the others
timidly, she pushed herself
trying to erase all of the empty spaces
just when it seemed like things were fitting together
she understood that the edges she thought would be seamless
left gaps all her pain slipped through
jagged, loopy, like a sieve
the peace and fulfillment she thought she'd gained
was nowhere to be found
tired and discouraged she put one foot in front of the other
one day she looked up and discovered
her shape and perimeter had changed
she thought perhaps now she'd find her match
more forcefully this time she tried to conform
propelling herself into situation after heartrending situation
for one man she was too much
for another she wasn’t enough
she wanted to make a perfect match but her margins
kept bouncing and swerving like hormonal emotions
blinded by her eager, naïve beliefs
she married a man she thought matched her angles
in the end, though, it was a case of opposite attracting opposite
just when she thought it was a hopeless pursuit
that she was doomed to enduring holes in her happiness
she learned that the One and Only could fill
all the deep fissures, openings and breaks
as she grew to know Him better and better
the disparity between her and all the others
with whom she’d tried to assimilate herself
grew smaller and smaller and the painful distances
between the man she’d married and her own heart
became things of beauty, then virtually nonexistent
until one day she realized that He’d helped her to fit into
the larger puzzle of her life
only when she’d conformed to Him
were all of the empty spaces filled

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