Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Son, You Are...

unpleasant odors recognizable
     because they're yours and nearly
     made pleasant for that reason.
eyes lit up, shining brightly, watching
     every move your daddy makes
     begging for more wrestling.
chubby sausage fingers reaching
     touching every germy item.
     on any surface wherever you are
busy, fast steps tromping - no "pitter-patter
     of little feet" here! - in and out,
     here and there, everywhere!
wildly waving plastic bats swinging
     missing, trying again and again
     hitting the ball to daddy's delight.
surprise raspberries when asked for
     kisses; slobbery smooching
     just to make us laugh!
cries and pouts and tear-filled eyes breaking
     momma's heart when she has to tell you "no"
     all smiles when you get your way.
a wrinkling nose at just the right moment
     to lighten a dreary day and make us
     comment on just who it is you resemble.
ticklish toes, knees, armpits and neck;
     trying your hardest to tickle
     mommy and daddy in response!
fuzzy head tucked uder my chin
     rocking, singing, snuggles and love
     sending you far off to Neverland.

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  1. Amy...I loved this!
    You have such a gift of writing...and you also have a gift for mothering.



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