Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Letter

I love you.
It is because of Me that you are.
My love for you is greater than comprehension.
I give all good things to you.
I forgive every time you offend Me.
No matter what you do, how you fail, how you disappoint or anger Me,
I will go on loving you.
My death gives you the chance to love Me.

There is no greater love than My love for you.

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd post this little love letter. I wrote it eleven years ago for a Valentine's Day writing competition at my college. I can't remember if the competition was to write the best love letter or the best Valentine's Day poem, but whatever it was, I won. (The prize was a stuffed animal of my choice from the campus store! Ha!) I'm sure I won because I focused on the Greatest Love Story instead of all the mushy-gushy stuff, NOT because the writing was stellar. I know some people call Valentine's Day "Singleness Awareness Day." I'm posting this as a reminder that you are loved with the deepest love, no matter your relationship status! 

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