Monday, December 20, 2010

December 17th

One year ago today
I was afraid
I prayed for peace all day
As I pushed and strained
When you were born
The strangest thing
I thought I loved you before
But the moment I saw you
I felt such a deep, shocking
I knew that a new chamber
In my heart had appeared
That I’d never felt before

One year ago today
Everything changed
You brought such a newness
Your first smile felt like
A proclamation of light
Into the darkness of our world
The strangest thing
I couldn’t have foreseen
How important you would be to me
And I know now what they mean
When they say that motherhood
Is the hardest and best job

One year ago today
Your little life ameliorated mine
You brought such sunshine
Your first laugh sounded like
The most beautiful music
Into my soul
The strangest thing
Nothing I used to think was funny
Compares to how funny you are
You are a little man
In all your antics and mannerisms
I see your daddy in you

One year ago today
I was blessed
With the gift of a beautiful son
The first time you kissed me
My heart melted and I knew
No matter where you go
Or what you do
I will always love and remember you
Of my heart
Son of my soul
Happy birthday to my little love

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  1. Didn't know you blogged (or wrote poetry!) as well! Love this poem... aren't children wonderful? And hard? :-)


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