Saturday, March 23, 2013


I fill out a bracket every year for March Madness. I do this not because I know anything about college basketball, but because my husband enjoys it. The funny thing is, that I do pretty well! I readily admit that I know nothing about college basketball, but I fill out my bracket on my own because I don't want anyone (read: The Hubs) to be able to say, "You only did that well because I helped you." (This is the same reason that I don't accept any assistance with my Fantasy Football team, but that is a post for another day.)

Just because I don't know anything about it doesn't mean that there isn't a method to my madness! (Pun completely intended! Bwahahahaha!) Here is my thought process: there are ranking numbers next to all of the teams on the brackets, but there are always upsets (for non-bracketing friends, an "upset" is where a lower ranked ream beats a higher ranked team). So, I go mostly with the rankings and randomly choose some upsets. I say "randomly" because it is fairly random. Truth is, ESPN is on the TV so much at my house that I unintentionally absorb some of it and I overheard an announcer talk about his guess that a certain team would surprise everyone. I took that information into consideration (aka, went with what he said).

Here is my bracket thus far this year:

I have been laughed at, scorned and mocked for choosing Marquette to go so far, and also for choosing Oregon. Harumph. That's why I'M WINNING, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Of course, I won't win for long, but it is so much fun to see my uneducated guesses beat the brackets of those who follow college basketball closely all season. (Me? Competitive? Nah!!)

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