Thursday, September 26, 2013

Are you ready for some football?

This Blogtember prompt is "life lately" and since that's vague and broad, I'm going to turn this into my FF post. Be excited!

I've played FF (Fantasy Football) with The Hubs and his family for a while now. The very first year, I took advice from The Hubs - he helped me select players in the draft and even told me which players to bench and/or play each week. The only problem with this arrangement was his propensity to take the credit when my team did well.

Ever since then, I do it on my own. Imagine my delight to see this book on the "New Books" shelf at my local library a couple of months ago:

I am laughing out loud as I type this! The bad part about reading this book was the realization that it was basically a statistics book. Not player statistics, as in, draft-him-not-him, but mathematical equations for which positions to draft when, based upon a number of different factors, all the while recognizing the fact that this whole thing isn't called "Fantasy" for nothing. Sheesh. I hate math, and while I got an A in stats in college, it was mostly because my professor gave extra credit for things that had nothing to do with stats (aka, if I watched his favorite movie I got extra credit. Seriously).

Along with reading this helpful-not-helpful book, I did a little online perusal of some ESPN people and used that information to my best advantage. In the end, you could say that I just "winged it" for the draft. I liked to carry the book around when The Hubs and brothers-in-law were around for intimidation. It probably looked more ridiculous than anything, but there you have it.

We did a live draft on a white board this year!
After the draft, my team stands as follows:
QB- Drew Brees
RB- LeSean McCoy
RB- Stevan Ridley
WR- A.J. Green
WR- Marques Colston
WR- Santonio Holmes
TE- Jimmy Graham
LB- Daryl Smith
D- The Bears
K- Justin Tucker
(Plus I have a bench full of players I won't list here.)

So, three weeks into the season, I am the only one in my league who is 3-0. I am not saying this to brag; it is a statement of fact. WHO KNOWS how the season will end. I'll keep you updated. Meanwhile, I'm having fun playing FF with my fam.

Anyone else playing FF this year?

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