Wednesday, September 4, 2013

If I could spend three months doing whatever I wanted...

... I would spend three months alone.

There is something about motherhood that sometimes makes me feel as if I am going to wither away if I don't get some peace and quiet. My batteries seem always to be running low, and it's hard to find the time to recharge. I have said numerous times in the last few months that if I could have anything at all in the world, I would choose to have a night in a hotel room by myself. I would sleep for as long as I want. Sweet, uninterrupted, peaceful, deep sleep. It's what I miss most.

If I had three whole months of peace and quiet and alone-ness, I would travel. I would go see some sights. I'd spend a month traversing Europe, seeing all of the things that I've always wanted to see...  Paris, Rome, Greece, London, and as many more as I could.

If I had three whole months to myself, I would write. For a solid month, I would rent a cabin in some secluded spot, preferably in the mountains somewhere, with beautiful vistas for inspiration. I can see myself with pen and notebook in hand, sitting on a rock and writing furiously, surrounded by nature. Or, writing while sitting at a table in front of a fire, with a large, steaming mug of tea.

How about a cabin like this?
(Photo Credit: Carolina Mornings)
If I had three whole months to myself, I would attend some seminars. Maybe intertwined with the first month of traveling, I could attend a Jane Austen seminar in England. (Doesn't this one look interesting?) Maybe intertwined with the second month of writing, I could attend a writer's conference, or work towards my MFA in a low-residency program. I love learning and growing, so education is heavenly to me.

As I spent the time musing on what I would do with three months, however, I was a little ashamed of myself. It's probably a good thing that I don't have three months with which to do whatever I please. I would waste three months in being self-absorbed, and that is never a good thing. Plus, I can't imagine going three months without seeing my precious sons and handsome Husband.

Still, it's kind of fun to think about it...


  1. The Jane Austen Seminary sounds so interesting! I think I would totally do it!

    1. Hi, Angela! I read about a Pride and Prejudice seminar at Oxford and I was intrigued. That is my favorite book of all time and I'd love to spend a week talking about it and hearing what other people think of it!


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