Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chocolate Fondue

Today's Blogtember assignment is to post links to my favorite online shops.

I don't do a lot of online shopping other than Amazon. One thing that I do make a habit of purchasing online (although not terribly frequently, alas) is chocolate for my fondue pot. I always purchase chocolate from Chocoley. I have used all three of their fondue options (dark, milk and white chocolate) and you can trust me when I say that I don't get complaints when I serve any of them. They are perfectly delicious.

You can't go wrong with fondue dippers, but some favorites are strawberries, bananas, graham crackers, pretzels and pound cake. YUM. I may need to place an order soon...

There you go. Next time you want to serve chocolate fondue, try Chocoley!

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  1. That sounds amazing! I have a little fondue pot but I've only used it once. I made a big fondue dinner for valentines day one year, it is so fun! I should use it more.


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