Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cold Water

Today's Blogtember assignment is to pass on some useful information. As much as I love to give advice, I don't find myself full of useful information at the moment. However, I just told a story to my sister-in-law yesterday, so I'll relate that as it is the first thing that comes to mind.

When I was a senior in high school, I took some college classes at a local Junior College. I also played basketball. My basketball practices took place at 6:15am, and I barely had time to get to my 8:30am English Comp 102 two days a week. I was one of those model students who NEVER slept in class, but there were times when I struggled to keep my eyelids open in that particular class. It wasn't that the professor was boring, and it wasn't that the topic didn't interest me. I was a teenager and I had gotten up early for basketball practice, run like a fiend, got home in time to eat something FAST and take a FAST shower (you know, the kind where you are still sweating when you get out because you haven't cooled down yet), then barely made it to class on time... I was tired.

One particular morning, the professor was talking about a poem (it may have been My Last Duchess but I couldn't say for sure) and my eyelids felt soooo heavy. It was like there were invisible lead weights attached to my eyelashes.  I know my head was bobbing as I fought valiantly to stay awake. I can still feel the relief wash over me when I recall the professor saying it was time for a break.

As I walked past her desk, she said, not unkindly, "If you go to the water fountain and take a cold drink of water, it will wake you up."

I'm not sure if it was the embarrassment of knowing that she had noticed my bobbing or the cold water, but either way, it is useful to note that drinking cold water will keep you awake!

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  1. Hahaaha! Good advice, I will have to remember that for long meetings in the afternoon!
    Thanks for sharing!


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