Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day Twelve: What I miss

I was going to wax eloquent on some sentimental topic for this post, but then I got to thinking about it and I think the thing that I miss most right now is: SLEEP. When you have an infant, you lose sleep. I can’t complain, because Little Brother has been sleeping through the night for a while now, but he gets up EARLY. If I want to get my Bible reading in before he awakens, I have to get up EARLIER.

Even if I go to bed at a decent hour and Little Brother sleeps all night, there always seems to be SOMETHING to wake me up at least once in the night. For example, the other night, Little Brother cried out in his sleep, which woke Big Brother, who then started crying. When I went into his room to comfort him, he tearfully told me, “I can’t close my eyes, mommy! I can’t go back to sleep because my eyes won’t close!” (This did not precipitate him getting up, much to his chagrin. Did I mention it was 4:08am?)  Also, I am regrettably a light sleeper, so the slightest sound can rouse me from a dead sleep. Since The Hubs’ snores are anything but the slightest sound, this presents a problem from time to time as well. For a while, Little Brother would wake himself up by rolling over in his sleep, and I would have to flip him. These are just a few reasons why I started a two-coffee-cups-per-morning habit.

Ah. Sleep. How I miss thee. 

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