Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day Eighteen: A story from my childhood

Once upon a time, a little girl named Amy decided to take a nap. It was a Sunday afternoon, and as we all know, Sunday afternoons are made for napping. Amy decided that it would be fun to nap under her bed for a change. So, she wiggled under her bed with a pillow and fell fast asleep. It was a lovely nap, and Amy slept deeply.

A few hours passed by. Amy’s mom wondered where Amy had gone, so she sent Amy’s younger brother Aaron to knock on Amy’s door. Aaron knocked, but there was no answer. The door wasn’t locked, so Aaron opened it and peered inside. He didn’t see Amy, so he went downstairs and told Mom that she wasn’t in her room. Amy’s mom, dad and three siblings searched the house for her, but they couldn’t find her.

Now Mom began to wonder if Amy had left the house without asking permission. This didn’t seem like something Amy would normally do, but since she didn’t appear to be in her room, Mom decided to send Aaron outside to look for Amy.

Dad called Grandma and Grandpa, who lived next door, to see if Amy had gone to visit them. When Grandma and Grandpa heard that Amy was missing, they were very concerned. When Mom and Dad heard that Amy wasn’t at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and that Aaron couldn’t find Amy outside, either, they began to feel panicked.

Meanwhile, Amy woke up from her delicious nap. She had slept really well under her bed, and felt deeply contented. She wiggled out from under her bed and walked out of her room. Imagine Dad’s surprise when he saw Amy!

“Where have you been?” Dad asked Amy. She was confused by his tense tone.

“I was in my room, taking a nap,” replied Amy. Mom and Amy’s siblings entered the room and saw that Amy was okay.

“You were?” Dad was incredulous. “We have been looking for you! We didn’t know where you were. Aaron said you weren’t in your room!”

“I took a nap under my bed,” Amy confessed.

Dad started laughing. “Why would you do that?” Everyone else started laughing, too.

“I don’t know,” shrugged Amy, annoyed by the laughter.

“We’ve been looking all over for you. I even called Grandpa and Grandma to see if you’d gone there! They are very worried! You need to call and tell them where you were,” said Dad.

Amy called her grandparents.

“Hello?” answered Grandpa.

“Hi, Grandpa, it’s Amy,” she said.

“Oh, is that you, Am?” he sounded relieved. “Where were you?”

“I was taking a nap under my bed,” she told him. Her face turned red as her siblings snickered.

“Hee hee!” laughed Grandpa. “You were! Hee hee! Well I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Thanks, Grandpa,” said Amy as she hung up the phone.

And that was the last time Amy took a nap under her bed.

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  1. Such a cute story Amy!. When my youngest daughter took a nap on the dining room chairs one time, covered up by the table cloth...I searched for her and got so frantic when I couldn't find her anywhere. Then for whatever reason I lifted the table cloth and there she was sound asleep on a couple of dining room chairs! I will never forget that...and how very thankful I was to find her!

    Love, Linda


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