Monday, July 29, 2013

Day Twenty-Nine: Five songs that speak to me or bring back memories

It is because of THIS post topic that I was sold on doing this blog for a month thing! Music plays such a big role in my life... almost as big a role as books have played. God has used music to minister to me more times than I can count.

I have an eclectic love of music, and it was REALLY difficult for me to choose only five songs! I put a lot of thought into these choices... but I could easily choose five times five MORE songs that I love just as much as these. I've got them categorized for fun.

1. Motherhood - If you only listen to one of these, please make it When You Come Back Down by Nickel Creek. This is the song of my heart when it comes to my sons. It never fails to bring me to tears, as I envision them grown and going out to do great things on their own.

2. Movie Soundtrack - I enjoy a good movie soundtrack more than just about anyone else I know. When the Hubs and I watch a movie, I will comment to him, "This show has a great soundtrack!" Some such movies were "Social Network," and "True Grit." I listen to the "You've Got Mail Soundtrack" a lot and own all of the Disney Princess soundtracks. (I can belt 'em out as good as any princess, you bet!) However, my favorite movie soundtrack has to be "Sense and Sensibility." I used My Father's Favourite as the music during the photo slideshow at our wedding. It is also one of my favorite songs to play on the piano.

3. Praise Song - Oh, man. I could list at least fifty songs in this category alone. Over the last few years, I've burned cd compilations for this category. I call those playlists "Amy's Songs" and send the cds to my Dad. (I get my love of music from him.) There are so many that make my hands go in the air, praising my Savior. Still My Soul, Be Still is one of my favorites to sing in church. Aaaaaand, because I can't choose just one in the category, and if you want to listen to another, try In Christ Alone. Tears, tears, tears.

4. Love Song - Who can choose just one??? I've made cd playlists of love songs for friends before their weddings... The song that always brings back memories from when The Hubs and I were dating is If You're Not the One by Daniel Bedingfield. One day, when I got off work and started my car for the drive home, this song began playing. It wasn't on the radio... The Hubs (who was The Boyfriend at the time) had purchased the cd, used my hide-a-key to get into my car while I was working, put the cd in my cd player and set it to start immediately when I started my car. LOVE. Oh, the romantic things he did when we were dating. So sweet.

5. Just For Fun - We love Rascal Flatts and own all of their cds. Banjo is a great song. It makes me want to drive the dirt roads with the windows down in a big ol' pick up truck.

Hope you enjoy these musical selections!

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