Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day Fourteen: Ten things that make me really happy

  1. My pink pen! I've had this Dr. Grips pen since I was in college (10+ years!) and I ADORE it. I purchase ink refills for it and will keep it forever. Recently, The Hubs came across another one and purchased it for me as a backup, because he knows that if I ever lost it or broke it, I would be heartbroken!
  2. My coffee mug from my dear friend, Sarah. I'll be posting a picture of it in my "Day in the Life" post. I use it every morning to drink my coffee and think of her. 
  3. Chocolate. Dark chocolate, specifically. 
  4. Empty notebooks. Walking down the notebook aisle of any store is pure torture UNLESS I am going to purchase a new notebook... then it is heaven. Something about all of those empty lines makes me giddy with excitement, just thinking of all of the things I could write on them!
  5. A grande, nonfat caramel macchiato from Starbucks. 
  6. Libraries - book stores - books!
  7. Going for a walk outside... by myself, with a friend, with The Hubs, with the sweet sons... I love walking!
  8. Letters. Especially the old-fashioned, snail-mail variety. 
  9. Perusing a graveyard. There is something so grounding about walking through a graveyard. I envision the stories of all of the lives represented, and am reminded how brief our stint of life is here on earth. 
  10. The beach! 

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