Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day Ten: Most embarrassing moment

I used to be easily embarrassed. Not so much anymore. I don’t know if this is because I’ve done so many embarrassing things (I admit to clumsiness) that I have grown immune or what, but my most embarrassing moment seems really, really boring to me now. I’m trying to figure out a way to make it more hilarious, but I’m struggling! I think I’ll just list some of the embarrassing things I’ve done (to show you why I’m immune to embarrassment).

I was once standing in a parking lot chatting with friends and an ambulance sped by, lights shining and sirens blaring. In order to see it better, I took a few steps backward, forgetting that there was a concrete bumper behind me. Yep, I tripped (clumsy) and landed on my backside in front of my friends and siblings. Embarrassing. (And painful.)

At a youth function at church, teams were pulling wooden carts with two people on them, racing across a finish line. I was helping pull a cart. Guess what happened? I tripped (clumsy) and the cart ran over me. I was the team leader, so I couldn’t leave the function, despite the fact that I had road rash on both knees, elbows, and the palm of one hand. I bear the scars to this day. (I could have been injured much more significantly than that, so I am thankful.)

Much more recently, I was at a work meeting and spilled (clumsy) a large (32oz) glass of water in front of about 40 people. It went everywhere. I was literally in the front of the training class (I think I was one of the presenters that day). I don’t think I spilled on anyone, though.

My “most embarrassing moment” was in high school at church. I was wearing a long skirt, and set my Bible down on the floor to help put away some folding chairs. When I picked my Bible back up, I didn’t realize that the pen sticking out of my Bible cover had caught the hem of my skirt, so I was unintentionally holding my skirt hem up above my waist. A kind person ran over to tell me of my dilemma, and it was quickly rectified. However, I was pretty embarrassed because we’d only been going to this new church for about two months at this point.

So, there you have it!

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